We understand that every tenant has specific requirements for their business operations. This is why we work closely with each tenant, to ensure that we are meeting their quality standards and budget.

Ground Up

We work hard to turn your dream into a reality. Strong Group has experience in all fields of ground up contruction. Our experience and dedication combine to create a professional working environment.


We take pride in our work and will support projects after completion. Our maintenance division works with the client to maintain projects in a timely and professional manner.

Design Build

We believe that design-build is a more streamlined approach to building. A team that works together from beginning to end in open communication and collaboration to achieve goals that would otherwise be unattainable. Great ideas are born when owners, architects, and builders sit at the same table. Creative solutions emerge, resulting in lower costs, shorter timelines, and improved project efficiency.


As a luxury barndominium is largely a commercial structure with a luxury residential interior, we had clients that wished to construct one. That’s why we dove right in. We found that it was quite enjoyable. The flexibility to have no interior load-bearing walls is my favorite perk, other advantages include resistance to fire and termites, efficiency in energy use, low maintenance, and longevity. This means they can be altered to suit any taste or needs. 

Tenant Improvement

When it comes to Tenant Improvements (TIs), we at Strong Group Inc. work closely with our clients. Strong Group Inc. assists with the budget and needs for the TI’s.  All planning starts with a goal in mind. With clarity of vision and teamwork, we find our groove, pick our spot and nail it.