We have worked in all facets of construction in our 20+ years of being in business. Our objective is to free the client to focus on their vision and mission while we take care of the construction. This is where we partner with the client to gain an understanding of their business and operations in order to anticipate their needs. This has resulted in a large number of what we refer to as “Clients for Life”.


Here at Strong Group Inc., our team is experienced in each aspect of restaurant renovation and construction from layout of kitchen and prep areas to restaurant requirements for ventilation and fire protection, to specialty equipment needs. Our focus on quality is reflected in the craftsmanship we put into each restaurant building project we are involved in.


Retail is the anchor in the commercial world. Whether it’s a stand alone, new development or a renovation of an existing retail center, we here at Strong Group Inc. have the knowledge and experience to work with clients on a wide variety of projects.


Building a great entertainment venue is hard work! But we are excited about every moment of the process and look forward like kids ourselves with anticipation to the openings at venues we will soon be visiting with our family and friends. From pre-construction through turnover of the project, we at Strong Group Inc. strive to turn your building dreams into reality. We’ve been building for over 20 years and in that time we have learned many of the challenges that arise with entertainment projects.  Now, lets go have fun!


As a luxury barndominium is largely a commercial structure with a luxury residential interior, we had clients that wished to construct one. That’s why we dove right in. We found that it was quite enjoyable. The flexibility to have no interior load-bearing walls is my favorite perk, other advantages include resistance to fire and termites, efficiency in energy use, low maintenance, and longevity. This means they can be altered to suit any taste or needs.  


At Strong Group Inc., we have built many nonprofit facilities that empower local development and strengthen communities. Whether constructing a rescue facility for exotic animals, churches, etc., Strong Group Inc. ensures maximum value of each project dollar by adhering to your budget without sacrificing quality. Our knowledge and experience keeps your budget and objectives in focus for the entirety of the project.