Rome Salon and Day Spa

“Walk through the doors and experience the opulence of ancient Rome” was the thought behind this amazing spa. From the hand carved solid fluted marble columns and cascading water features, to the glazed Italian plaster and marble statues, European architecture is blended with a full luxury spa experience.

Many of the components used in the creation of this masterpiece were imported exclusively for Rome Day Spa. Coordinating the delivery of these items, and locating the most skilled artisans to install and finish them. Strong Group was able to achieve the owner’s vision of Roam Opulence.

Lupe Tortilla

If you know anyone from Houston, you’ve already heard them excited about Lupe Tortilla.

Strong Group has lead the charge for Lupe Tortilla expansion into the DFW area. These remodels and ground ups are built to bring the look of Old Mexico to modern day decor that is both interesting and inviting.

Strong Group has become a master of complex finishes that has created an exciting partnership with Lupe Tortilla. Strong Group will continue to provide excellent service and commitment to Lupe Tortilla in their future growth.


Govindji’s has an ongoing practice of setting and meeting the highest of standards of quality. When it came time to expand and remodel their flagship location in Ricahardson, nothing short of perfection would be acceptable.

Strong Group was chosen to undertake the 2000 square foot project because of our history of constantly delivering high end retail projects.

Govindji’s mission statement in part, is to provide an environment that enhances the totality of the jewelry shopping experience. Strong Group is proud to have been able to help Govindji’s live their mission statement, and provide their clients with the ultimate high class shopping environment.

Arborlogical Services

Designed and built to be as “LEED Green” as possible. This building includes
recycled wood, concrete walls, rooftop solar panels, rainwater collection tanks and best of all, a geothermal air conditioning system.

This two story office headquarter is eco friendly and attractive. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Let the fresh air with operable windows to reduce the stress of office life.

Strong Group is proud to be a part of this project, tailored for the environment and a truly great place for a tree maintenance company to call home.

Studio Movie Grill

Strong Group, Inc. has built Studio Movie Grill locations across multiple states. In addition to being a movie theater, each location include a full service kitchen, and a bar to provide their customers with the ultimate movie viewing and dining experience. Strong Group, Inc. consistently provides top tier results with a concept that is constantly evolving and improving. One of a kind homemade fixtures, and expertly finished high-end wood wall screens are just a sampling of the fine craftmanship Strong Group, Inc. provides.

Together, Strong Group, Inc., owner, architect, engineer, audio visual and sound experts unite to bring an amazing theater experience to their public. We lead a strong team.