Tesla Electric

Being in the trades isn’t an easy task. It is most certainly a road less travelled by, and yet there does exist a certain individuality about it.

And individuality is without a doubt a trait I would use to describe Strong Group. Very rarely in our industry does one run into a contractor with as much character and integrity as they possess. A realization that dawned on me some time ago as a first-year apprentice, with no knowledge of who anyone was.

And then I was informed one afternoon that the man whom I had been working beside for weeks and who had treated me with respect and direction, was none other than the owner of the entire company.

And its examples like that which demonstrably set Strong Group apart from the competition. The leadership and comradery shown during each and every experience with Strong Group without a doubt cements our companies’ and my personal opinion that any and all future exchanges together will be eventful and prosperous.


Tesla Electrical Services