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Strong Group was founded on the principle that each project is a person’s dream, not just a job.

“Building Excellence From the Ground Up”

Our Team

Strong Group was founded on the premise that strong teams are committed teams. With dedication comes the desire to assist each team member in reaching their full potential. Each team member brings something unique to the table, and communication is the most effective way to demonstrate value among team members.

Maintaining a high level of transparency is an important goal that we instill in our team.

Our History

There had to be a better way to build, two men reasoned. To achieve our complete vision, we applied 100 percent of our dedication and hard work ethic to all projects, no matter how big or small. We accomplished this by establishing strong relationships, constructing dreams, and being open and honest with the client. We emphasize and strive to identify potential issues during the bidding phase in order to avoid unanticipated changes.

This enables Strong Group to more precisely budget, schedule, order materials, and complete the project. Partnerships are the bedrock of our success.

Building Relationships and Constructing Dreams

We are Commercial Builder aimed at creating clients for life through service, quality, integrity and partnership.

Serve First

We freely give of ourselves, our time and our expertise. We help others turn their dreams into reality.

Deliver Excellence with Integrity

We build excellence from the ground up. We remain loyal to our commitments always honoring our words and actions. We focus on the details and deliver excellence in the results. We do the right things for the right reasons.

Build Partnerships

We seek opportunities to show we care knowing the smallest gestures make for the biggest differences. We provide value based on our talents, expertise and friendship. We ensure every client is made to feel like our only client.We strive for lifelong partnerships.

A Strong Team

Together, we accomplish the impossible by setting aside individual needs for the greater good of the team. We value individual perspective and team alignment. With clarity of vision and teamwork, we find our groove, pick our spot and nail it. We start strong, build strong and finish strong.

Transparent Communicators

We are transparent, ensuring no surprises. We push communication in an objective, accurate and timely manner.We address problems with solutions. We own the results and create our own opportunities.

Purposeful Planners

We are purposeful in all that we do. All planning starts with the goal in mind. We strive to never be out planned, unprepared or caught off guard. While we stay the course;we remain malleable investing wisely and eliminating waste accordingly.

Masters of Change and Challenge

We embrace and understand the nature of change. We provide broad expertise, acute awareness and nimble action.We welcome the difficult as an opportunity to measure our character.We know how we do it is as important as what we do

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