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We understand that every tenant has specific requirements for their business operations. This is why we work closely with each tenant, to ensure that we are meeting their quality standards and budget.


We work hard to turn your dream into a reality. Strong Group has experience in all fields of ground up contruction. Our experience and dedication combine to create a professional working environment.


We take pride in our work and will support projects after completion. Our maintenance division works with the client to maintain projects in a timely and professional manner.


About us

Strong Group was founded with the belief that each project is an individual's dream, not just a job. Strong Group was developed on the notion that commercial property can be built in less time and at higher quality while keeping costs minimal. It is our principle belief that quality work is a result of precise planning, a strong team and close communication with the client, architect, subcontractors, and all parties involved during the construction process. This begins in the bidding phase. In doing this, Partnerships and strong relationships build success.

Our Team

Strong Group started with the Philosophy that strong teams are committed teams. With commitment comes the desire to help each team member reach their potential. Each team member brings something special to the table and the best way to demonstrate value between team members is through communication. Keeping a level of transparency is a strong goal that we instill in our team.

Strong Group puts less value in to titles, striving to employ team minded people. This allows us to pull from the many years of experience that contributes to us in accomplishing the client's dream.

Our History

Two men felt that there had to be a better way to build. We applied 100% of our dedication and hard work ethic to all projects, no matter how big or small to achieve our complete vision. We did this by building Strong relationships and constructing dreams and by being upfront and honest with the client. They emphasize and strive to seek out the potential issues in the bidding phase to avoid unseen changes. This allows Strong Group to precisely budget, schedule, order materials and complete the project more efficiently. Partnerships are the cornerstone for our success.


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419 South Kealy
Lewisville, TX 75057


Phone: 972-420-7677